Magical tours to discover the Amalfi Coast by sea

Experts in boat tours in Positano, the pearl  of the Amalfi Coast, we at “L’Uomo e il Mare” have chosen to share with our guests, already for many years, the passion for the sea of the Amalfi Coast and for all the beauties that it has to offer, every day different and every day new!
The boat, you know, is a passion, and  for those who have never done it before, or want to explore the most beautiful spots of Positano and the Divine Amalfi Coast, the best way to do it is undoubtedly by sea.

A boat excursion in Positano with “L’Uomo e il Mare” is always able to give a magical atmosphere, a wild adventure, magical hidden views even when you travel on the most scenic and beaten trails and, above all, can turn out to be the most beautiful day of your holidays in the Divine Amalfi Coast.

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Do you want to explore the Amalfi Coast? Do you want to embark on the discovery of the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Capri and Procida? Or do you want to discover the most beautiful bays of the Sorrento Coast? A beautiful boat trip is the best way to explore these beautiful coasts. Choose where to go and customize your private boat tour!

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Our boat tours from Positano

boat tour

minimum 8 hours

up to 24 people

Amalfi Coast
boat tour

minimum 4 hours

up to 12 people

Amalfi Coast sunset cruise

A sunset boat excursion to Positano, to let you enjoy the thrill of the Amalfi Coast as the day goes down. Our sunsets are the most spectacular nature can offer.

at sunset
in Positano

 duration about 1 1/2 hours

minimum 2 people

Luxury boat excursions

Our first goal is to satisfy the needs and dreams of those who rely on us

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Qualified personnel

Luxury boats

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Wonderful boat tours from Positano

Our boat tours from Positano every day will take you out to explore the most beautiful spots of the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi, Positano, Conca dei Marini, Atrani, Praiano, Furore but also and above all the famous islands of the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia and Procida and renowned tourist attraction towns such as Sorrento and Massalubrense.

While comfortably lying and enjoying  the sun of the Gulf, you will discover enchanting caves with a thousand colours, beautiful beaches, bays, coves, and if you love diving, wonderful sea beds.

Our boats are the typical Sorrento Gozzo and rubber boats, fast boats sailed by the expert hands of our captains, young and experienced, who will ensure that your boat tour in the sea of the Amalfi Coast is beautiful and adventurous, yet safe and comfortable.

Kind hostesses are part of the staff and will accompany you during the boat tours  from Positano and always be by your side for all your needs!

A wonderful sailing boat cruise!

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