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L' Uomo e il mare Srl
L' Uomo e il mare Srl

Our Services

L' Uomo e il mare Srl

Leased boats

By renting one of our fastest rubber boats or typical Sorrento Gozzo you can depart, alone or with others, to discover the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast, swim in hidden coves, immerse yourself in the fish-rich waters, sunbathe in total relaxation and privacy and return to the port at sunset, inebriating from the colours of the evening sky.

L' Uomo e il mare Srl

Boat rentals

Rent your boat for special services: Celebrations on board, group tours, corporate events, weddings and couple dates.

An expert sailor at the helm will lead you to the most panoramic spots of the Amalfi Coast, and will stop in beautiful coves, either for a cooling swim or group shots.

L' Uomo e il mare Srl

Amalfi coast water taxi

Book your water taxi, even at night-time, to and from Positano and for all the locations of the Gulf of Salerno. With our fast boats it will be easier and more fun to arrive and leave the Amalfi Coast.

Experienced sailors, at the helm of the fast boats, will accompany you on your shifts with speed and safety.

L' Uomo e il mare Srl

Security guard service

Upon request, we provide day and night security guard service.

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